Farm Property For Sale
in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Nice farm country real estate with large updated farm home,
105 acres of land, water, woods, barns and farm equipment.

This pristine Nova Scotia farm property is located on Balmoral Road near East Earltown, close to Sunrise Trail along Northumberland Strait. The farm is quiet and private, near a sleepy country paved road used primarily by local families. You can't see your neighbours from the farm, or hear them.

Over the years the farm home has been updated several times. It has a four bedroom farm home,105 acres of land and a babbling brook flowing beside the house- one of three on the property. The acreage is half wooded (mature) with balance in open fields and meadows. There's an abundance of tested, quality fresh water from a deep drilled well.

The farm is an ideal organic farm location with rich top soil protected from herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The land has been lying fallow for a decade- resting; waiting for you.

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The Nova Scotia farm property for sale owned by Graham Johnston.
Rear of house faces North: On left in photo is the side entrance, facing East;
to the right is back entrance from porch to kitchen.

Woods, water and wildlife:

Farm home is central feature of the property
surrounded by fields, meadows, mature woods.

From each window of the house is a panorama of the changing seasons and resident wildlife. Watch rabbits and pheasants on the sunny, South-facing front yard and White-tailed Deer in the back and in every field. The farm's a bird lover's paradise: Among the migratory families returning each year to the farm are rare and endangered Barn Swallows (12 nests in 2015), American Bitterns as well as dozens of Hummingbirds. Virtually every species of NS birds can be found at the farm.

The fields and woods surrounding the farm offer a full range of Nova Scotia flora and fauna including wildflowers, mushrooms, apples, plums, wild roses and berries- and all critters, large and small. Most Nova Scotia tree species and wildlife are here. The farm land is level, accessible and well drained. There is a brook and beaver pond bordering the back of the property, a small trout brook flowing beside the house and a third near the West boundary.

The soothing sound of the trout brook meandering beside the house is a wonderful way to start the day or the last evening murmur competing with Peepers, Crickets and Hoot Owls. There are small Speckles in the brook and it's a perfect wonderland for barefoot children to safely explore nature's mysteries.

Frequent upgrades:

Comfortable and roomy house is well maintained.

The farm home has four bedrooms upstairs and features two four-piece baths- one on each floor. The large country kitchen has entry from front and back. There is a large office downstairs with private entrace featuring reliable highspeed Internet. the arched dining & living rooms off the kitchen have original hardwood floors, large bright windows and French doors. The home has two large, covered verandas: one facing South for sunny lounging the other to the North to watch the last evening wink of spectacular sunsets over the meadow.

There have been numerous upgrades to the farm house including all electrical and plumbing, the entire fresh water system, oil furnace and fuel tank, two chimneys (WETT inspected and cleaned 2014, hot water tank (2015), septic system, roof, siding, most windows, insulation, basement and foundation. With the new, efficient furnace the farm home is easy to heat and affordable to maintain. A professional energy audit was completed in 2012 and all recommendations were implemented.

Nova Scotia farm for sale, one of the nicest farm country real estate listings of homes and property near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Aerial view of the farm on a sunny autumn day: Arabian horses playing on pasture;
miniatures in the paddock (paddock has been removed). Mature trees line the trout brook beside the farm house. Two barns sustained winter damage 2015 .

Affordability and value:

Farm selling price, conditions and operating costs.

Farm Selling price of $299,000 includes some farm equipment: CX80 Case International Tractor with custom glass cab, power steering, tilt wheel, automatic shuttle shift, air conditioning, am/fm cassette, swivel power seat, PTO; loader with heavy steel bucket, fork lift, bale spear. Also includes bush cutter, snow blower, seed spreader, etc.

Farm Property taxes for 2015 were $1,452.55 including total of $250.40 for fire protection services, trash and recyclable pick up and new library levy.

Farm Heating cost currently for oil is under $2000. The farm has a kitchen woodstove and approved for a wood-buring furnace in the basement. Cut your own fire wood from farm windfalls and reduce heating cost or eliminate it altogether.

High speed Internet- (unlimited) $50.00 month.

Farm Insurance- (fire and liability) $48.00 month;

Farm Power costs- average $70.00 month.

Farm Electronic security system- undisclosed.

Farm for sale in Nova Scotia
3471 Balmoral Rd, Hwy 256 E.
RR 4 Tatamagouche - East Earltown
Nova Scotia, B0K 1V0.

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